Автоматы для выделения: Qiagen QIAsymphony

Автоматы для выделения: Qiagen QIAsymphony

Автоматы для выделения: Qiagen QIAsymphony For fully integrated automation of complete workflows, from sample preparation to assay setup
Innovative, easy-to-use modular system with built-in touchscreen.
Purification of DNA and RNA from a wide range of samples
Automatic transfer of eluates to the QIAsymphony AS for assay setup
Continuous sample loading, with bar code reading for sample tracking
Import of sample lists and export of sample sheets

Product Details
With a dedicated range of QIAsymphony Kits, the QIAsymphony SP enables sample preparation of DNA, RNA, and bacterial and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials. The QIAsymphony AS extends the capabilities of the QIAsymphony SP by integrating automated PCR assay setup, which, in combination with the Rotor-Gene Q and QIAGEN real-time and end-point PCR kits, enables you to optimize your PCR workflow and maximize your efficiency.

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